Getting to know us

“I absolutely love what I do,” says Lighthouse Ledger’s owner Christina Rommel when asked about her company. “Even as a young girl I knew some type of accounting or bookkeeping business was going to be my career. I love accounting and I love helping people. Simply put…that is what Lighthouse Ledgers is all about!” As a […]

Time is Money

Lighthouse Ledgers,  A Real Time-Saver! How much time do you spend with your small business bookkeeping? Do you feel confident that the resulting books are reliable, accurate, and informative? You are not alone if you admit to spending ten or more hours a month on books that leave you feeling a little lost. It is […]

Setting up your Home Office

Golden rules are those that really apply. You need to bear them in mind and do not forget them. Like stars to steer by, these are permanent markers to guide us and keep us moving in the right direction. As soon as you define your goals, begin searching for the Golden Rules that affect it. […]

Services for Every Need

Lighthouse Ledgers is dedicated to your satisfaction.  We eagerly customize our specialized services to conform to your needs and requirements.  Below is a sampling of the services we offer. Bookkeeping & Payroll Covers all bookkeeping transactions, reconciliations, and payroll in the accounting cycle up to and including preparing the Unadjusted Trial Balance and any other […]