Motivating for Success

As a small business owner with a lot on my plate,  I often run into moments of doubt and a lack of proper motivation.   “Why am I putting myself through this?”  Apparently,  according to Katherine Keller, a contributor with,  that is the exact question we should be asking ourselves. It is extremely important that […]

LLC vs Corp vs Both

It is important to talk to a CPA when trying to determine how to structure your business. There are benefits to both LLC and Corporate structures, but different reporting requirements for each. An LLC provides some liability protection and ease of equity transfers. Corporations offer better protection, but requires business owners to pay themselves a […]

DIY Accounting Spreadsheet

So you just started, or you aren’t sure you need a bookkeeper yet.  A lot of businesses will just run out there and get QuickBooks or another accounting software and try to do things from home.  However, even the most basic accounting software requires a little accounting knowledge to be set up properly.  If you […]

Protecting Your Business from Fraud

In today’s society, it is increasingly important to protect your business from fraud. Small business owners are not only susceptible to fraud by employees, but also from customers, and even the random individual walking by the store front. cover this important topic in detail… See More