The Right Tool for the Right Job

An Analysis of Customer Resource Management for SMB Once a business gets large enough that it is considering a deeper dive into its marketing, it needs to track the efficiency of its efforts and get help in facilitating some of the customer tracking and engagements. This is where a customer resource manager (referred to as […]

Guidelines for Document Retention

Please use this as a set of guidelines, and not as a replacement for any advice your Attorney, Tax Professional, or CPA has provided.   Documentation to retain includes, but is not limited to: Invoices & Bills Account statements Credit card receipts and statements Contracts and/or Lease Terms Cash register tapes Deposit information (cash and […]

Feeling overwhelmed at work

6 Overlooked Steps in WA New Biz Setups

  Starting a Washington business and feeling a little lost? There are many steps needed to get your business all setup, and it is easy for something to slip through the cracks. Write down a list of steps to take and make sure you include the 6 easily missed items below. Start tracking expenses as […]

Choosing the “Right” Expense Category

Surefire ways to stress-less and work more quickly when trying to decide how to categorize your operating expenses. One of the most consistent items I see business owners struggle with is the attempt to categorize their expenses to the “right” account. Now when I talk about account, I’m not talking about your bank or credit […]

Quicken Tutorial: Fixing an Overinflated P&L

Quicken is a personal finance software with a lot of bells and whistles.  I, being a numbers gal, have fallen in love with the software for my personal finances.  It also has a Home and Business package, which may be a good solution for a business with a fairly simple setup.  You can customize it […]

Wave Accounting Tutorial – Converting to Cash Method

Wave accounting is an excellent free resource for small business, but it does maintain an accrual based accounting system. However, a large portion of the United States small businesses use cash method as their accounting method, so we need to convert from accrual to cash prior to reporting taxes to the IRS or state. This […]

Wave Accounting Guest Collaborator

Wave Accounting Tutorial – Guest Collaborator

As with any accounting software, there are times you will need to add either a co-founder or accounting professional to view and/or edit your books. This video details how to add, edit, and remove a Guest Collaborator with the free online Wave Accounting Cloud Software. Sign up for Wave Accounting at About the Author […]

Phone Apps have Great Tools for Entrepreneurs

Do You Truly Understand WA Sales & Use Tax?

Being a small business owner in a state that has sales tax has its own set of challenges.  It seems easy at the start.  A customer comes in and purchases a product, sales tax is paid to the seller and the seller holds onto the sales tax.  The seller carefully makes sure not to spend […]

Squeezing Wallet

3 Solutions to Managing Your Bookkeeping on a Budget!

Unless they have saved up the capital, or have an investor, many small businesses start out with limited cash flow. This often results in some hard decisions being made regarding what services can and cannot be included in the startup operations. However, if one cannot afford to outsource services, then the owner needs to be […]