Motivational Mondays: 50 Inspirational Quotes

It’s tax season, and it is Monday.  What a combination!  One piece of motivation isn’t quite enough on some days.  Forbes throws together 50 Motivational Quotes to help us get through Monday!  I suggest spreading it out a bit throughout the day. My favorite happens to be #27:  “Always deliver more than expected.”  –Larry Page, Co-Founder, […]

How to Prepare a 1099

When everyone is so focused on getting their books cleaned up for 2014 taxes to the IRS, it is easy for some of the “other” taxes to fall through the cracks.  One of the important filings due at the end of January (February 2, 2015 this year) is the 1099s.  If you don’t know what […]

Credit Card Rewards – Taxable?

Cash back on credit cards sounds like free money, right?  It makes a lot of taxpayers feel like they are getting away with something, since there usually is no such thing as free money to the IRS.  Through competition between credit card issuers for prized consumers, the amount of cash back rewards are continuing to increase.  It […]

Motivating for Success

As a small business owner with a lot on my plate,  I often run into moments of doubt and a lack of proper motivation.   “Why am I putting myself through this?”  Apparently,  according to Katherine Keller, a contributor with,  that is the exact question we should be asking ourselves. It is extremely important that […]

LLC vs Corp vs Both

It is important to talk to a CPA when trying to determine how to structure your business. There are benefits to both LLC and Corporate structures, but different reporting requirements for each. An LLC provides some liability protection and ease of equity transfers. Corporations offer better protection, but requires business owners to pay themselves a […]

DIY Accounting Spreadsheet

So you just started, or you aren’t sure you need a bookkeeper yet.  A lot of businesses will just run out there and get QuickBooks or another accounting software and try to do things from home.  However, even the most basic accounting software requires a little accounting knowledge to be set up properly.  If you […]

Protecting Your Business from Fraud

In today’s society, it is increasingly important to protect your business from fraud. Small business owners are not only susceptible to fraud by employees, but also from customers, and even the random individual walking by the store front. cover this important topic in detail… See More

How to maximize your tax benefits from charitable gifts

(BPT) – You answer calls to support your alma mater, the local animal shelter and the American Red Cross with gifts of money and volunteer time. And after cleaning out the closets, dressers, kitchen cabinets and garage, you take a trunk load of donations to the thrift store. You know your gifts of cash, time […]