Feeling overwhelmed at work

6 Overlooked Steps in WA New Biz Setups

  Starting a Washington business and feeling a little lost? There are many steps needed to get your business all setup, and it is easy for something to slip through the cracks. Write down a list of steps to take and make sure you include the 6 easily missed items below. Start tracking expenses as […]

Squeezing Wallet

3 Solutions to Managing Your Bookkeeping on a Budget!

Unless they have saved up the capital, or have an investor, many small businesses start out with limited cash flow. This often results in some hard decisions being made regarding what services can and cannot be included in the startup operations. However, if one cannot afford to outsource services, then the owner needs to be […]

How to maximize your tax benefits from charitable gifts

(BPT) – You answer calls to support your alma mater, the local animal shelter and the American Red Cross with gifts of money and volunteer time. And after cleaning out the closets, dressers, kitchen cabinets and garage, you take a trunk load of donations to the thrift store. You know your gifts of cash, time […]

Small businesses: Are you ready for 2014 filing deadlines?

(BPT) – For small businesses, January’s arrival usually brings one very important task: issuing W-2s and 1099 forms to employees and independent contractors. The good news is this year, due to the typical filing date of Jan. 31 falling on a weekend, businesses have a built-in buffer and a couple extra days to complete these […]

W-9 forms and Your Business

The W-9 form is an IRS document where the main purpose is to verify tax information for outgoing payments on business transactions.  It is officially called by the IRS “the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification” and a free copy of it is available on the IRS website.  In some ways, it is similar […]