Separate Home Office

How to Grow a Business While Working Full or Part-Time (Part Four: Keep personal, work, and business separated)

Part Four:  Keep personal, work, and business separated Not only do I maintain that you should always keep a separate bank account for your business (seriously, this is extremely important for so many reasons, and has such low barriers in time and cost, so just do it!), but also keep your time scheduled separately.  I […]

15 Tips for Remaining Focused at Work

Great article from Lifehack on keeping that focus going!  Small business owners often have to fight a thousand distractions while personal and work demands overlap.  This provides excellent suggestions on how to block out unnecessary distractions while growing your business. 15 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

Motivational Mondays: 50 Inspirational Quotes

It’s tax season, and it is Monday.  What a combination!  One piece of motivation isn’t quite enough on some days.  Forbes throws together 50 Motivational Quotes to help us get through Monday!  I suggest spreading it out a bit throughout the day. My favorite happens to be #27:  “Always deliver more than expected.”  –Larry Page, Co-Founder, […]