DIY Accounting Spreadsheet

So you just started, or you aren’t sure you need a bookkeeper yet.  A lot of businesses will just run out there and get QuickBooks or another accounting software and try to do things from home.  However, even the most basic accounting software requires a little accounting knowledge to be set up properly.  If you want to use a software, like QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, Gnucash, etc, then definitely go for it.  Just keep in mind that QuickBooks updates their accounting program annually, so whatever you get from them for your desktop will eventually stop being supported and you may get forced into “upgrading”. QBO is often a better option, and is web-based, but does carry a monthly subscription fee.  Feel free to reach out to me for help picking the right program for your needs, and to get it set up properly.

For the rest of us, those with few expenses and want a simpler way of tracking them, I would recommend the Accountinator’s excel template.  Be sure to watch his instructional video on how to use the spreadsheet correctly.  It is set up with the most relevant accounts for tax reporting purposes, and you may need additional assistance figuring out which column to code expenditures to, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!