Entering Expenses to be Paid Through Bills in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)

Occasionally, you will receive a bill from a vendor that you will want to pay at a later date. You don’t want to forget to pay the bill, so you enter it into QuickBooks to help with tracking upcoming payments and assist with your budgeting and cash flow management.


This video goes over how to enter Bills for expenses. Expenses are costs associated with operating your business, such as rent, electricity, and office supplies. To keep this tutorial short and to the point, we are only covering expenses via the Enter Bills module.  Some expenditures, such as inventory or parts, will often be tracked differently, under the items tab. We will be covering additional related topics, such as adding vendors, entering vendor credits, bill payments, write checks, and entering bills for items in separate tutorials.


Edit: You can also open Enter Bill from the Home Screen, to the left of Pay Bills.