How to Grow a Business While Working Full or Part-Time (Part Five: Be able to ask for help)

Part Five:  Be able to ask for helpAsk for help

In addition to outsourcing as much as possible, you should develop a support system for the challenges you will face during this time.  You will feel pulled in several directions.  You will feel overwhelmed.  You may even feel like giving up.  This is where your support comes in.  Family members can be a good source of support, although with a few words of caution.  Unless they have also started a business at some time, they may not always see the appeal of giving up a good paying job for a more risky (yet in my opinion fulfilling) path.  They may try to discourage you from this course, from a position of support and love.  However, other business owners in your field or local area can be great supporters, as they know how hard building a business can be and can give great advice about how they did it.

Taking Action:  Reach out to other business owners in your area through network events and perhaps your local Chamber of Commerce.  If possible, get a mentor to help lead you through this part of your development.  Join small business forums or other boards built for business owners as support or resources.  Express to family what your goals are and let them know what they can do to help.  You can be amazed by where the help comes and how freely it may be given.

My Experience:  Investing in an AIPB (American Institute of Professional Bookkeeping) membership was one of the best first investments I made with my business.  In the mailing list, I was given an overwhelming amount of support and advice from other professionals in my industry.  On the home front, once I expressed my goals and schedule, my husband and I had to do some rebalancing with the household chores. This gave me the opportunity to devote an hour or two to my business while he helped pick-up the house and prepare dinner.

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