Setting up your Home Office

Golden rules are those that really apply. You need to bear them in mind and do not forget them. Like stars to steer by, these are permanent markers to guide us and keep us moving in the right direction.

As soon as you define your goals, begin searching for the Golden Rules that affect it. Chart your course by these Golden Rules and let them steer you to achievement and success.

Here are 5 of the most useful Golden Rules that connect with setting up your home office.

Golden Rule # 1, Plan your office out first. The thinking behind doing it like this is that it helps you visualize how your office is going to be. Remember, treat your workspace as if it were in a corporate office and plan it so that you can be really productive when in your workplace.

Golden Rule # 2, Write down exactly what you need for your office. This is very important because it helps you to work out how much you are going to need to spend. Remember that when starting out it is important to allocate your budget to the essentials and not the impulse purchases.

Golden Rule # 3, Make a decision based on budget where you are going to buy your desk, chairs etc… from. The reason that this is very important is because you need to decide if you are going to buy brand new or get some discount furniture from liquidation sales or online auctions for instance.

Golden Rule # 4, Ensure the chair you choose is both comfortable and has the right functions. This is important because you are going to spend a lot of time in it and you need something that is going to help support your back and posture.

Golden Rule # 5, Make sure the desk you choose is spacious enough. You could do this by working out what is going to be needed on and around your desk, such as PC towers, monitors, printers, telephones and so on. This can be important to you because doing so makes sure that you have enough space to work properly, and not cause frustration by being too cramped. Something else to take into consideration with your desk is that it has enough storage space. This is so you have somewhere to store all your clutter such as staplers etc….This could be really critical because it means that you know where everything is and enables you to have a clutter free desk.

Carefully follow these golden rules to setting up your home office and you should find your progress to be quite rapid along with your successes greater, more frequent and much more satisfying.

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