Time is Money

Lighthouse Ledgers,  A Real Time-Saver!

How much time do you spend with your small business bookkeeping? Do you feel confident that the resulting books are reliable, accurate, and informative? You are not alone if you admit to spending ten or more hours a month on books that leave you feeling a little lost. It is especially common to hear a business owner admit that they have the best intentions of doing their own books and are months (or even years) behind. There just isn’t enough time!

Accurate financials are one of the most reliable tools at hand for creating informed business decisions. You as a business owner have a lot of demands on your schedule, but you understand how important reliable books are for successful business endeavors. Outsourced bookkeeping or bookkeeping training is the solution to helping you save time!

Lighthouse Ledgers is here for your Bookkeeping Needs!

Lighthouse Ledgers provides bookkeeping services and training tailored for each client’s needs. We maintain a professional relationship while protecting your needs and privacy. Our service often pays for itself. Through our services, we help business owners spend less time maintaining books, freeing up their time for more value-adding business endeavors. Our reliable and accurate bookkeeping saves you from more billed hours with the CPA when year-end taxes come around. Most importantly, you are provided with informative financials that help you make the most informed business decisions, growing a more successful business strategy.