How to Grow a Business While Working Full or Part-Time (Part Three: Look before you jump)

Part Three:  Look before you jumpJumping businessman

It can be extremely tempting to jump ship from your job and just throw yourself head first into your business.  You can get so much more done, right?  However, there are some serious advantages to having a stable source of income while you continue to grow your business.  Not only are you able to sustain your lifestyle, but you can continue to work on developing your business without the added stress of making ends meet.  Many business fail because they didn’t fully test their product or business idea before invest thousands of dollars and man hours into it.  Quitting your job too early may be killing your business before you were able to give it a full chance, or at the very best slowing down its growth.

Taking Action:  Map out the steps needed to make your business fully sustainable.  Make sure to include plenty of testing and feedback for your target market to determine the feasibility of your product or service.  Keep your map in a visible location and when you find yourself itching to put in that notice, review your remaining steps to make sure you are keeping realistic expectations about your current options.

My Experience:  At the start of my business, I had a lot of trouble balancing time between work, family, community, spirituality, self-care, home environment, and grow my business on top of everything else.  I was convinced that I would need to choose between my job and my business to keep my sanity, and I struggled with the decision.  However, I was still testing out different approaches to the processes of my business and I wasn’t 100% convinced the business would be able to sustain itself yet.  As a result, I broke up the business development into multiple chunks to tackle during my scheduled blocks, and continued to re-map as my business direction became clearer.  I was able to find better balance in my life and keep both job and business while testing and growing.

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