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Lighthouse Ledgers Services

Lighthouse Ledgers is dedicated to your satisfaction.  We eagerly customize our specialized services to conform to your needs and requirements.  Below is a sampling of the services we offer.


Bookkeeping Setup & Training, Starting at $197

Includes any and all of the following, tailored to your needs:

Bookkeeping Training, Accounting Software Installation and Training, Setting up Your Books, Trouble Shooting, Bookkeeping Consulting, and other services as needed.

 Initial Bookkeeping Setup & Training Services Start at one-time charge of $197


Ongoing Bookkeeping Services

Covers all bookkeeping transactions and reconciliations in the accounting cycle up to and including preparing the Financial Reports for your CPA or Tax Accountant. 

The following services can be added to your package, as needed:

Vendor Bills, Check Printing, Vendor File Maintenance (including 1099 reporting at Year End), Customer Invoices, Collections Assistance, Customer File Maintenance, and Catch-Up Bookkeeping.

Ongoing Bookkeeping services start at $197 per month


Payroll & Other Services

Each business has individual needs.  We are happy to discuss solutions to any additional needs your business may have.  Gives us a call to see how we can be of service!

Not sure which service you need?

We can customize our services to your business needs.